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The Concept

My Kingdom Books combines story telling, personalisation, and cutting edge technology to create an experience that is truly engaging. Each character within our stories is linked to the spelling of a child's name. These characters are then brought to life using the My Kingdom Book App. Kids love how the story comes together to be about them and are blown away when they see it come to life in front of their eyes. 


Looking Back

The idea behind My Kingdom Books came about in 2015. After losing a best friend to a rare heart condition, I was inspired to create a product that could have a positive impact on the world. Having experienced the wonders of becoming an uncle, I realised children’s storybooks were a great way of bringing a little extra joy to both children and parents.

My Kingdom Books was setup and I went about bringing together a team of experts from America, Argentina, Australia, India, Philippines, UK and Ukraine. The goal was to find the best talent around the world and create a children's product that was truly exceptional.


Looking forward

Our vision is to create special moments between parents and children. By combining great stories, technology, and personalisation we believe we can develop books that will take story telling to new heights.

Giving back to the community is core to our values, which is why we partner with charity organisations and donate atleast 10% of our profits. ‘Dreams and Wishes’ are dedicated to helping seriously ill children, a cause that the team at My Kingdom Books feel passionate about and are proud to support.

It's been an incredible journey and we're hugely excited about what's still to come!